There are a lot of thing s to prepare. If you want to help, please tell me.


Due to increasin participation we are going to need to transport more stuff. If you have free space in your car, please try to fill it by bringing stuff for others as well. If you have no idea how to fill the space please contact


People are hungry - sadly we cannot cook for everyone all the time. If you want to help please contact

First Aid

There are a lot of things that can happen on a camp. Since there will be no first-aid team on site untill Sunday we would feel more comfortable if one of our participants has a prefessional Background. Please contact

Talk about something

How to grind coffe, how to sharpen knifes, how to make chainmail, hw to secure your server, how to improve your fotos, how to cut a video, how to connect to a Wifi, how to encrypt your mail, Lockpicking, and what is amateur radio? - theres a ton of things wrth knowing. Please do talk about the things you do.
We don't have a stage or a microphone (maybe we will have a beamer) so we will probably sit together in our main tent. Also - there will be the possibility to do Workshops (please bring your material).
Please submit to programm2018@bare-metal-camp.att

CERT, NOC, POC, LOC, Infodesk

We are still to small to offer you the usual Chaos-Services but if you have enough time maybe you want to help us out. Please contact: