BARE_METAL_CAMP is going to be held as a group-camping event during the Metaldays 2018.
"bare metal" is a term used for a computer system without a base operating system or installed applications. That means it can be turned into anything once you know how to do it.

See you there!

Dear Friends, I'll be seeing you there.

The page To Bring has been updated and there is new stuff to Download. You wil find a map to our camp, info on how to get there and other usefull stuff like packing checklists. The group-camping-permission is the one thin you exclusively got via E-Mail, if - and only if you sent me your E-Mail Adress. If not then please contact someone you know from the camp.


What's that supposed to be?

I am trying a crossover from Camp++/SHA and heavy \m/etal topped with a fabolous landscape. We are going to have talks and show-and-tells depending on Metaldays line-up. This does not necessarily have to do something with computers - there are so many interesting things out there.

Yout think this is going to work?

You can talk yourself into or out of something. However if you are not going to actually try it you will never know. Facts are with Metaldays we got the best opportunities for camps in general and there are many technical people and hackers on Metaldays.

Talks? Seriously? We are not in school anymore.

True. That's why you can experiment on things you are going to learn with no time pressure or competition. It is the perfect method.
Isolated in different working-spaces we lose the ability to learn from each other. However learning from each other is what lead us into the era of enlightenment. Socializing plattforms are not capable of getting us there.

What do you get out of this?

Nothing. I am not able to promise you anything so I should not take your money. I am doing this on my own im my spare time.

Why are you doing this?

Don't get me wrong, partying and listening to music is just fine, jet on some days I want to do something else. Camp++ and SHA are just great too, but then I miss the party because I am too busy listening to talks on the other hand on Metaldays you are just not prepared to give talks or show-and-tells. Now we are doing both.

Nerds and Metal - how is that supposed to work?

It will. Many hackers listen to metal and many metalers are working in thechnical professions. The Chaos Communication Congress is completely different, true - but it is my opinion that both events can learn much from each other. I am trying the missing link.